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Values-Vetted Strategic Partnerships

Blockchain Partnerships

What could the right introduction mean for your business? We’ve built a community of sharp minds and avid dealmakers who are prepared to help you achieve your goals today.

You go fast alone... but we'll go far together.

Are you cautiously considering investments in the blockchain space? Concerned by the scams, cons, and security breaches in the news?

A team under pressure to meet the demands of your investors?

A trusted media brand barely keeping up with the pace of change?

You’d love to have profitable, credible partnerships rolling in… but your team lacks the capacity for a focused strategic partnership effort.

Or, perhaps you need to augment your business development activity by scaling the outreach and removing the front-end hassle.

You’ve come this far… now, what more might you be able to accomplish with an expansive network of powerful alliances?


Global Access & Partnerships

Access new markets, jurisdictions, and cutting-edge projects by entering values-vetted strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

Investment & Financing

Our network facilitates creative debt and equity financing options, digital securities token offerings, and alternative fundraising strategies.


Exit Planning & Execution

We’ll help you develop an exit plan that balances stable operations with optimal valuation. Then we’ll introduce you to experts who will secure that ideal outcome.

Growth by Acquisition

Acquire revenue, technological advantage, market share, top industry talent, and territorial access on an accelerated track – saving priceless time.

About Us

Alliances for a New Economy

We’re your access point to a distributed team of investors, digital asset brokers, advisors, analysts, business development pros, media, marketers and public relations specialists.

We facilitate profitable strategic partnerships for those who share our vision of a new economic evolution.

Colton Moffitt


Colton founded Pendulum Insight to promote strong alliances between intuitive, sovereign-minded individuals and technologically-enhanced commercial enterprises.

With experience ranging from event production and digital asset brokerage to investigations, Colton is uniquely adapted to the craft of partnership development in high risk scenarios.

Partnership Strategy

Identify criteria and candidates for your ideal partnerships. Develop a sustainable, systematic plan to build these relationships.

Key Introductions

Consistent, hassle-free introductions to key individuals in support of your ongoing partnership and business development efforts.

Digital Asset Brokerage

Work with experienced digital asset brokers who understand the unique challenges of trust & verification in the dynamic global marketplace.

Partnership Consulting

Live instruction and practical exercises, in person or online, for teams who want to further develop internal partnership development capacity.

Relationship Management

Actively manage existing relationships to maintain strategic alignment, discover value creation opportunities, and foster integration.


Partnership Vetting

Avoid the costly consequences of a bad partnership with a due diligence process focused on the character and values of each candidate.

Pendulum Insight / PODCAST

Insight from the Experts

We interview fascinating experts to get their insight into partnerships, fundraising, acquisitions, and other deal-making activity within the blockchain space.

We do well when you do well.

Our performance-driven model is designed to align with the unique interests and vision of each client and partner.

Care to discuss the details of how we might work together?