Talent Booking

Objective: Long-term, multi-show engagement
Status: Open & Ongoing
Type: Joint Venture, Sponsorship, Referrals

Objective: Multi-Show Booking

Opportunity Overview:

Our partner in the travel entertainment vertical is currently promoting:  “a 90-minute, high-end stage show that includes everything from rare, high-tech 3D holograms to dance and cirque classes for guests. Through this interactive event platform, we create a deep-rooted experience and offer unique activities that guests love to participate in. We work with over 300 performers so there is never any issue with multiple shows/locations. We work worldwide and offer the show in different languages.”

Deal Details:

Our partner is currently focused on securing long-term, multi-show engagements for their client. 

  • Individual referrals and cross promotions
  • Joint venture proposals are welcome
  • Commission Share per Booking

Ideal Partners:

  • Familiar with event & entertainment marketing
  • Resorts, cruise operators, etc
  • Travel media

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